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MEDIA STATEMENT - Miraka announces strong 2024/25 season milk price for dairy farmers

Tuesday, 4 June 2024





Miraka announces strong 2024/25 season milk price for dairy farmers


Taupō based, low-carbon dairy processor, Miraka has announced a strong 2024/25 season milk price of $8.42 / kg MS for its dairy farmers.


Miraka CEO, Karl Gradon, was pleased to inform the company’s dairy farmers saying that “following a tough season on-farm we’re pleased to get in behind our farmers for the season ahead by providing a strong milk price for 2024/25.”


“We’re committed to doing our part to pay the best milk price, to the best people and farms.”


Miraka will pay its suppliers a base price which has been set at $8.25 / kg MS.  Farmers can also earn an additional premium under Te Ara Miraka, the company’s farming excellence programme.


Karl Gradon: “We reward our farmers for achieving high standards of sustainability, people development, animal welfare and milk quality.  Under Te Ara Miraka, our suppliers can earn an additional premium of up to $0.20 / kg MS on top of our milk price.  Since our establishment in 2010, Miraka has paid more than $21 million in premiums to our loyal farmer suppliers.”


Chad Hoggard, Miraka GM of On-Farm Excellence said the company’s 2024/25 milk price will be well received by their dairy farmers and that he was also proud of farmer performance which has consistently improved over the last three seasons under Te Ara Miraka.


“Our farmers work hard to achieve high standards and it’s also pleasing when we can deliver a stronger milk price for the new season.  Our farmers are more than just business relationships to Miraka – they’re people who become part of our whānau and their kaitiakitanga values align with ours.  We have worked closely together to refine Te Ara Miraka to ensure we’re continuously improving,” said Chad Hoggard.


Miraka will host 300 people from its farming and stakeholder community at the company’s annual suppliers’ dinner, to be held in Taupō on 13 June.  Former East Coast shepherd and world-ranked boxer, Shane Cameron is the guest speaker.


Chad Hoggard: “We look forward to crowning our 2023/24 season Te Ara Miraka farming excellence winners.  I have a feeling we’re going to see several farmers achieve the 100% mark with all the great improvements on-farm which have been achieved.  We look forward to celebrating the success of our suppliers.”







Te Mahau Kingi – Communications Manager

Mobile: +64 21 236 9115


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