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Te Ara Miraka


Te Ara Miraka is our way of operating, the way we do things. Within Miraka and beyond we ensure that our activities are sustainable and have a minimal impact on the environment – our natural world. Our principles of sustainability are incorporated into all our business decisions to ensure a more efficient operation. Te Ara Miraka encapsulates our value of excellence ensuring we exceed expectations everyday.

Te Ara Miraka also recognises excellence through the Miraka supply chain – from the farm to the consumer. It is our way of acknowledging our team and suppliers when excellence is attained or exceeded in the manufacture of our products. 

Miraka delivers a superior product. Testament to this is the quality, taste and freshness of our milk supply. Miraka milk comes from 100 local farms within an 85km radius of our processing plant. Our suppliers are all part of the Miraka whanau (family).

Milk Supply

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Environmental Policy

Sharlene Aldridge


"As an employee of Wairarapa Moana Incorporation, a key Miraka supplier, I have watched Miraka develop and grow.

I remember the amazement that was felt when Miraka was 'born' - a local milk factory, owned by local Maori landowners, being supplied by their own people and other local farmers, with promises of land preservation, eco-friendly practises and sustainability for the future - could it be done?

Miraka, for such a young enterprise, is, through innovation, forward thinking and outstanding quality standards, making a big impression for all the right reasons. I am proud to be linked to a company that is achieving this through caring about our beautiful countryside in the past, the present and the future".


Location Story

We export to North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, North Africa, East Africa,
West Africa, the Middle East, North Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific.



Our shareholders recognised that they could add further value beyond the farm gate by creating a vertically integrated business that would add more value to their milk. The first step was to establish a sound business around the manufacture and sale of commodity products and then over time, move into more value added products

As part of the growth strategy Miraka expanded its current processing plant in July 2013 to include an Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) milk production plant with the capacity to produce 60 million litres of UHT milk producing 240 million packs of UHT packs a year.

The next phase of our strategy reflects our innovation in consumer packs of nutritional powder products.

Paul Trewin


"Miraka has made an amazing journey of success since operations began at Mokai in 2011. The factory is now producing a range of commodity and value added products in the heart of New Zealand. Producing quality products from a low carbon footprint is unique to the world dairy industry and is something the team here at Mokai are very passionate and proud of. The factory is well placed to deliver a new and exciting range of nutritional products expanding the Miraka value added portfolio!".