Environmental Policy

As stated in the Company vision “Nurturing our World", Miraka is committed to operating in a sustainable manner across its supply chain from farm to customer. This is achieved with a strong focus on incorporating the Company values of tikanga, kaitiakitanga, innovation, integrity and excellence throughout the businesses practices. Environmental sustainability is a key component of these business practices and will be delivered through:

  • Supporting  our farmer suppliers to achieve “best practice” via the Te Ara Miraka farm excellence program and remunerating them based on the objectives achieved under that program
  • Ensuring there are systems in place to prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimise consumption, and in the event environmental failures do occur, there is a culture which encourages learning and improvement to prevent future failures.
  • We seek to continuously improve through programmes including annual target setting for environmental improvements, consistent with our longer term Te Ara Miraka sustainability program objectives.
  • We will be legally compliant with or exceed all relevant local body,domestic and foreign environmental legislation