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Miraka joins Gen Less

Māori-owned company Miraka has taken a step closer to their vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable dairy producer by joining Gen Less, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all forms of energy use.

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“We already have one of the lowest dairy carbon-footprints in the world but are constantly looking for opportunities to do more. Becoming part of Gen Less was an easy decision for us to make,” Miraka CEO Richard Wyeth says.

Gen Less, is an initiative by government agency the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA), which is bringing together leading New Zealand companies to actively reduce their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Miraka says all their farms have tailored environment management plans, greenhouse gas emissions reporting, world-leading nitrogen and effluent management systems, and fenced waterways. The company's factory is powered by renewable geothermal energy and their organic waste is processed through an industrial worm farm.

EECA CEO Andrew Caseley says, “Their geothermally-powered dairy processing plant is a superb example of harnessing renewable energy sources in manufacturing. By sharing the story of companies like Miraka we hope to inspire others to make positive changes.”

“Miraka became part of Gen Less to join a conversation,” Murray Hemi, Miraka’s Kaitiaki and Environmental Leadership GM says.

“We know there are great people and organisations out there all grappling with this same monumental environmental challenge. We’ve taken some important steps but there is always more we can do. We are all in this together – he waka eke noa,” he says.

Located near Taupō, Miraka is owned by a group of Māori trusts and incorporations, including Wairarapa Moana Incorporation, Tuaropaki Trust, Waipapa 9 Trust, Hauhungaroa Partnership, Tauhara Moana Trust and Huiarau Farms. The company generates over 300 million litres of premium milk products each year.

Posted: Fri 22 Nov 2019