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Miraka milk elevates Udders’ ice-cream for airlines

Singapore ice-cream maker Udders is teaming up with a New Zealand milk producer to create a limited-edition range of its speciality ice-cream that will be dished out in the heavens.

New Zealand dairy producer Miraka will provide the main ingredient for Udders Ice Cream to whip up one million cups of ice-cream for passengers travelling on Singapore Airlines, Scoot and Jetstar from June.

New Zealand Trade Commissioner for Singapore, Hayley Horan, says Miraka’s premium dairy ingredients are sought after in markets around the world, and partnering with a leading Singapore ice-cream maker is a perfect match.

“We’re looking for opportunities for New Zealand exporters to collaborate with local companies and in Miraka’s case, providing its premium milk to Udders means travellers will get the best of both worlds,” says Ms Horan.

She says companies from both New Zealand and Singapore can look forward to more opportunities to learn and connect through various activities, such as business missions, business matching and market intelligence support, thanks to the signing of a two-year ‘Partnership for Growth’ Arrangement last month [May 17].  The agreement between New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Enterprise Singapore is one of five Arrangements to fall out of the larger New Zealand-Singapore Enhanced Partnership, which was also signed by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last month.

“Udders and Miraka is a good example of how New Zealand and Singapore companies can work together. We’re not just world class exporters, we’re also great business partners,” says Ms Horan.

The ice-cream cups will be jointly branded with Udders’ brand and Miraka’s consumer brand Taupo Pure. The flavours will include local Singapore favourites like Chendol and Gula Melaka.

Udders Ice Cream founder and Chief Milkmaid, Wong Peck Lin, believes in using the best ingredients for the company’s ice creams.

“We are very happy to be using Miraka's milk from New Zealand - a country with a pure, pristine environment to create a high-quality product for Singapore Airlines,” Ms Lin says.

She says New Zealand milk is trusted by consumers, due to the country's clean environment, strict laws and high food standards.

“Using New Zealand dairy in our ice creams will give consumers the confidence that high quality ingredients are used in Udders' products.”

Miraka is well established in the New Zealand dairy-processing industry with strong values founded on the cultural beliefs of its Māori owners. Its milk supply comes from 100 local farms within an 85 kilometre radius of the factory. Miraka is also proud to be the world’s first dairy plant powered by renewable geothermal energy.

Miraka’s General Manager of China Sales, Alex Qian, says the partnership with Udders will help both companies expand.

“This will provide us both with the opportunity to reach millions of airline passengers, and build strong brand awareness for both Taupo Pure and Udders,” Mr Qian says.

“We value the long-term partnership with Udders. It also gives Miraka a great opportunity to penetrate South East Asia markets.”

Mr Qian says this partnership is an example of the value New Zealand companies can add, and he hopes it will lead to future collaboration with Udders.

Posted: Mon 24 Jun 2019