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MPI Good Employee Awards 2018

The Māori Agribusiness Award recognises Māori Agribusiness employers that are committed to providing good employment conditions in their business or organisation, and have put in place an effective programme in one or more of the following aspects of good employment:

  • innovation
  • employee development
  • safe and healthy work environment.

Miraka was nominated for the award by the Taupo Mayor David Trewavas. When describing Miraka’s good employment practices he noted that.

“Miraka is a Maori business that is commercially successful, with cultural values that are incorporated into their entire operational structure and practiced routinely.

They have a clear purpose, they care for their people and the environment and they demonstrate social responsibility.

They have built a culture that is inspired by their unique point of difference.

They will continue to Nurture their World as Kaitiaki and they will strive to be World Class in every aspect. Miraka is not just a Dairy Company but a business with a higher purpose.”

Posted: Wed 28 Nov 2018